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Innovative Approaches to Mitigate the Societal Consequences of Russia’s War of Aggression against Ukraine within EU Countries


This new open call responds to the ongoing crisis resulting from Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. It addresses challenges faced by societies and public services in the EU Member States and supports the integration and social inclusion of people who have fled Ukraine.   

In line with the key objectives of the ESF+ Social Innovation + Initiative, this call aims to promote transnational cooperation and mutual learning between the EU Member State. It promotes the development of innovative approaches to societal challenges that empower citizens and improve our societies and welfare systems. By fostering the transfer and upscaling of social innovation, the call aims to contribute to the dissemination of proven successful models and invites to transform pressing social problems into opportunities. 

With an estimated budget of 22 million EUR, the call will support transnational projects which aim at transferring or scaling up of social innovations and contribute to the following objectives:  

  • Integration and social inclusion of people who have fled Ukraine. Projects under this objective are expected to propose a multi-layered approach to the integration of refugees in host countries across the EU, including tailored solutions in areas like employment, skills, housing, and access to social and care services.  
  • Mitigation of the consequences of the crisis on Member States’ societies and their public services. Projects under this objective are expected to develop innovative models for addressing broader challenges, such as tackling energy poverty, easing the purchasing power crisis, and developing more inclusive social services.

Only consortia are eligible.    

To be considered eligible, the consortium must include an applicant (the coordinator) and at least one co-applicant. The members of the consortium shall represent at least two different EU Member States.  

The estimated size of a grant is between EUR 200 000 to EUR 700 000 per project


OPENING DATE: 24.01.2024

DEADLINE: 24.04.2024 (17:00 CET)