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Social innovation practices to combat homelessness


This call aims to promote and evaluate innovative projects and/or policy measures that address homelessness and housing exclusion.

The objective is to support capacity building of innovative multi-stakeholder governance structures and/or social experimentation at local, regional and national levels of innovative forms of service delivery in the areas of homelessness and housing exclusion, including new forms of collaboration with public authorities. The overall goal is to foster integration with other strands of work (e.g., data collection and mutual learning with member states) of the European Platform on Homelessness. The aim is to select and support a limited number of intermediaries in as many member states as possible who can:

build the capacity and knowledge of a wide range of local, regional and national stakeholders including through formal and informal networking in the areas covered by the call.
Promote social experimentation and evaluation of innovative practices in the field of homelessness and housing exclusion.


To be eligible, applicants (beneficiaries and affiliated entities) must:

be legal persons (public or private entities)
Be established in one of the eligible countries, namely:

EU member states (including Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT))

Non-EU countries: listed EEA countries and countries associated with the ESF+ or countries with which negotiations for an association convention are underway and the place where the convention enters into force prior to award be nonprofit organizations (private or public), public authorities (national, regional, local), international organizations, universities, educational institutions, research centers or companies

Proposals from both individual applicants and consortia are eligible.

The estimated amount for each project is between EUR 2,000,000 and EUR 5,000,000



CALL OPENING: 14.09.2023

DEADLINE:  11.01.2024 (17:00 CET)

GRANT BUDGET: 15 millions