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EaSI.Italy Workshop | Designing Europe

28 Feb, 2024 | Events

On 12 March from 2 to 6 p.m., the National Contact Point is organising a dynamic and interactive info-session, at the Open Incet premises in Turin, dedicated to support beneficiaries of EaSI programmes by providing tools and suggestions to face design challenges of European projects. The workshop will be conducted in Italian

Goal: The workshop aims to provide participants with practical and innovative tools in an engaging way to address the challenges related to every aspect of designing ideas within European programmes, from proposal design to matchmaking with other partners.

Activities: Through gamification strategies and group work we will tackle the development and desing of European projects, approaching the application form and planning of operations.

Attendance: The event is in-person and open to all those interested in improving their skills in the field of European project design such as Public Administrations, social enterprises and Third Sector organisations.

Register and reserve your place by following this link. Registration closes on Sunday 10 March at 6pm.