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“Designing Europe” is back at the National Contact Point with a focus on impact assessment and budgeting

17 Jun, 2024 | News


Last week, Open Incet hosted the second edition of the Italian National Contact Point’s “Designing Europe” co-design workshop, where 15 professionals from various organizations across Italy gathered. In this initiative, the goal was to provide accessible and fun tools on the topics of impact evaluation and budgeting in the context of European design, creating a collaborative and stimulating environment for participants.

With greetings from the National Contact Point and an introduction on EaSI and its opportunities, the workshop was kicked off, which was prepared with the collaboration of Escape4change, a startup that aims to generate positive impact in society by providing collaborative learning experiences with gamification strategies.

The afternoon workshop was divided into two sessions, the first on the topic of impact evaluation and the second on budgeting. In the first section, the Impact journey, participants were given the task of opening a chest locked by multiple padlocks. How to unlock it? Each work table was supposed to find the combination of its padlock, and all together manage to get to the end of the treasure hunt. To find the combinations, participants followed the instructions of custom-designed cards that guided participants to discover, first, some theoretical tools on impact evaluation methodologies, and then their application on existing case studies. Through this playful and collaborative process of finding the combination, the tables were able to open the chest containing the key to begin the second part of the workshop. In the budgeting section, participants, divided into small groups, enjoyed a “”ultimate grant”” challenge by taking an online timed quiz based on an EaSI call for proposals.

After four hours of learning and group work, participants shared the results of their sessions and held a final networking session that consolidated of new relationships between entities, local companies and the National Contact Point. 

In conclusion, the event was enthusiastically participated in through the use of the “game to learn project design concepts” and a great way to say goodbye to the National Contact Point community before the summer break.